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Picking Out Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are a necessary part of any home, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. In fact, bathrooms often offer the most options in terms of accessories. Before you get started accessorizing this all-important room, though, it’s important you consider some important factors first. Below are examples of what your checklist should cover prior purchasing any bathroom accessories.

Type of Project

Before you get too far into accessorizing your bathroom, you need to get clear about the nature of the project itself. Are you remodeling a bathroom? Does it just need a replacement or new fixture? Are you building a brand new bathroom? Obviously, brand new bathrooms will come with a ton of options in terms of the accessories you can choose. Preexisting bathrooms will offer less because you need to consider things like vents, wiring, pipes and other structures that must be accommodated.

Even if you’re just looking to add in an extra towel rack or new mirror, it’s important to think about the bathroom itself and how your additional fixture will affect it.

Overall Style

When it comes to accessorizing a room, nothing is worse than having one fixture that seems out of place or a style that comes off as confused. So consider the general style you want your bathroom to have and ensure that each fixture you purchase fits it.

This is much easier if your bathroom already has its own style and you’re just adding an accessory or two. Otherwise, take care to create a visual of what the bathroom will look like when you have all your fixtures installed, as opposed to just assuming you’ll get the desired aesthetic you want.

Practical Considerations

It’s easy to get caught up in buying fixtures that simply look great or fit in perfectly with your desired style. However, bathrooms serve very practical purposes, and if any fixture gets in the way of those, it’s really more trouble than it’s worth. For this reason, you need to think about the people who will be using the bathroom regularly. Will they be able to reach the towel racks with ease? Will the toilet and its position be comfortable? Can they fit in the bathtub? The list goes on.

This also means thinking about the things your bathroom absolutely needs before looking into fixtures that would simply be nice to have. For example, every bathroom needs shelves or bars for towels. Sometimes grab bars are ideal for making showers, tubs and toilets more accessible. Don’t forget about handy accessories like soap dishes, either.


Every bathroom should have at least one mirror in it. However, bathroom mirrors can provide a number of other benefits beyond showing your reflection. By outfitting a bathroom with many mirrors, you can help increase its perceived dimensions. This is always a welcomed effect, but it can be especially helpful for smaller bathrooms where the feeling of more size can make all the difference.

You can use mirrors to do more than just increase a bathroom’s sense of scale, though. Mirrors are also great for increasing the reach of your lighting. This means even natural lighting can often do a lot more with enough mirrors to help. As mirrors lay flat against the wall, they can leave more space for other fixtures you may have in mind. too.

There will be plenty more to think about when you start actually looking at the fixtures and accessories possible for your bathroom. However, if you start by keeping in mind the above, you’ll have a much better shot at creating a bathroom that is both fashionable and functional.

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